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Coming in 2017 - W. Shane Jennings will open a law office as an experienced attorney: Criminal law,  family law, probate, and car accidents and injury.


Legal Services Offered

1. Criminal Defense Lawyer: DUI 66-8-102; Battery against a Household Member 30-3-15;

2. Immigration lawyer: All immigration law: adjustment of status, fiance visa, family petition, student visas, visitor visa, other, notice to appear letters, waivers, criminal matters. Each cost is by the case.

3. Credit, Debt and Collections: We can help you establish better credit, remove bad credit from your report, stop collections, recover property, and sue where debt collection laws have been violated.

4. Accident and Injury: We can represent you in truck, car or motorcycle accidents. We also sue for injury caused during fights, and when a sexually transmitted disease is passed to you from another person.

5. Probate: Services offered are the probate of wills and non-will probate cases. Whether you need to go to the local probate judge or the district court, we can help you.

6. Information Technology Ownership Consulting: W. Shane Jennings has years of experience as a network engineer, programmer and data center manager. These skills are the type needed to help you win a case that has computer evidence, or simply get your data in order before you get an order - pruning the data tree of dead limbs is a must do for any business. The cost of digging through old data is huge.

7. Domestic Relations (Family Law) - We handle simple divorce actions.

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Attorney William S JenningsW. Shane Jennings, earned a J.D. from the University of Detroit School of Law. With a Doctorate of Jurisprudence, Mr. Jennings has represented those in need of legal assistance in both State and Federal courts. He carries with him the legal knowledge and experience gained from life and law. He has a concentration of knowledge gained from practice experience in criminal law, insurance settlements, probate and family law. He earned a B.A. in University Studies from Texas Tech University with a major focus in Public Relations/Mass Communication, a minor in German, and a lifetime of business and practical experience. He presently works for the Law Office of the Public Defender, but plans to open his own practice in 2017.

Information Technology

Mr. Jennings was recognized in early 2000, by Cisco Systems and those who used competitor gear as the technology consultant who created a product demand in the medium size Texas Hill Country (Austin and San Antonio) market for Cisco Systems. He expanded into Linux, software development and Network Architecture and Security. During his legal education he was the go to guy for meta-data and technology questions on cases while he worked at the Federal Defenders Office. His understanding of the law and how it applies technology and admissible, relevant evidence resulted in an acquittal by the jury. He also authored a seminar paper on why employer monitoring of employee communication is likely illegal in several situations. The paper was an analysis of the Federal Wire Tap Act, how it interacts with the laws of the fifty states, and the perception of legal employee monitoring of employee communications.
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